I offer several types of presentations and trainings for parents, mental health and medical providers, and schools.

I present internationally to parents, therapists, teachers, and other helping professionals. Her programs and workshops offer solid information and strategies, including:

  • Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents: How to Interrupt the Worry Cycle
  • Preventing Anxiety and Depression: Skills We Can (and Should!) Be Teaching Our Children
  • Managing Anxiety in the Classroom: An Approach for Schools and Parents
  • Hypnosis, Humor, and Homework: Using Strategic Approaches for Anxiety, Depression, and Sleep
  • Bringing the Changes Home: Therapeutic Assignments for Anxious Families
  • Effective 504 Plans: Action over Avoidance

Trainings range from 2 hours to full or multi-day. I frequently provide consultation and professional development to school districts, including guidance counselors, nurses, teachers, and support staff.

Please contact me for rates and scheduling.